October 16, 2007

Something to think about?

Posted in From My Gord at 3:06 am by Rid

Unbelievably, 5 days after getting my CCW, I found myself in a trying situation. I was driving home, late at night, and pulled into the drive-in at a fast food restaurant. The drive was curved and had high curbs. Up ahead, was a car with the windows rolled up, stopped at the order point. After about 4 to 5 minutes, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone in the car and whether or not the occupants were OK. It was an unlighted area and the windows appeared to be heavily tinted.

I could not back up and I was not about to walk up to the driver’s window. I very briefly tooted my horn and almost immediately, a very (very) irate female stepped out of the car and began cursing at me. I had no idea if more people were in the car and began to go into the defense mode.

Here was my thought process:

I placed my 40 cal on the seat and put my cell phone in my right hand. I thought of my “duty to retreat” and determined it would be impossible to back up and if I got out of my car, anything could have happened. I did not return her verbal volley and she eventually got back in the car and drove up to the pick up point.

I probably should have gone ahead and alerted the police, but I figured the storm had passed, and why bother. As I moved up behind the car and they got out to pick up their order, the other door swung open and I really began think that I was in a very tactically disadvantageous position (I had unbelted, but would have had to shoot from my off hand – good reason to train). I am right handed and would have to practically exit the car in order to defend myself. This no doubt would have been perceived as a provocative act on my part, and I could have very easily been flanked by the two.

I also considered whether to call 911, but was afraid to take my eyes off of them. I just sat there, weapon on my thy (condition one, round in chamber and cocked off safety). Very luckily (for both of us), the two got back into the car and launched off as the displayed their collective IQ’s with their middle fingers.

Folks, this can happen to any of you. I did the right thing, because the situation defused without casualties. But, a lot went through my mind during this little episode.

Thats why I am doing this blog, to get everyone to think about the awesome responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon.

As I sign off, I am going upstairs to re-read “In The Gravest Extreme” by Massad F. Ayoob. It is an old book, but with a very relevant message. I bought this book and read it before I bought my pistol.

Please let me hear your similar story by posting to the “comment” link.

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