October 20, 2007

How To Carry Concealed?

Posted in Gear and Strategies at 5:10 am by Rid

I have pretty much tried out most of the products for carrying a concealed weapon. My goal was to pick a carry that was not only quick, but also comfortable. I also spoke with several of my friends and visited several forums to see what the rest of the world is doing.

I am in my 40’s and am about 20 pounds over weight. This puts some restrictions on the CCW. Anything you wear around your mid section will more than likely leave an obvious impression. I liked the belly band, but it tends to slide down as the day progresses. The velcro gets a little uncomfortable after several hours, at the connect point. It also tended to leave an impression.

What I found was a fanny pack that gives me the best “presentation” (another understated euphemism for drawing your weapon). I went with the Cordura Fanny Pack from gungear.com.

I went with the non-tactical look and picked out a teal color. I also got the smallest size possible. I found that (I am right handed) having the pack cinched up just at my ten o’clock position gives me the best access. My advice is PRACTICE with the darn thing. My 12 round magazine fouled the zipper mechanism 100% of the time. I would have been dead if I had have made the discovery in a life or death situation. Also I found that the sights would some times foul the quick zipper and the fix was making sure the weapon is snug to the bottom. There is a small holster inside, I tossed it – could not get my XD to fit inside with the holster.

Also, PRACTICE (did I already say that) locating the quick pull. There are 4 rows of zippers. The second from the insider should be moved completely to the left. This will reduce your fumbling with confusing extraneous zippers. By the way, this second pouch (from the inside) is where I keep my 12 round magazine. I stand it up vertically and orient it so that I know exactly how I am going to place it in the weapon in the event of low visibility (night time). Again, PRACTICE placing the magazine in your weapon after you have expended the first magazine.

I keep three (make it 4) items in my pack: 1) Gun 2) Extra Clip 3) CCW License 4) Chump Change. (I learned this trick while living in New York City. Tossing down a $20 may afford yourself the chance to defuse a bad situation without using deadly force.

Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) thing other than a gun in the pack, degrades it’s performance – period. I accept the degradation from carrying a backup magazine. I practice often enough that I can mitigate the degraded performance.

As far as whether to carry in condition 1, 2 or 3, I have experimented with 1 and 3. There are some really heated debates as to 1 and 3 on some of the CCW forums. I practice with both and have decided to elevate to 1 only when I feel my threat environment warrants condition 1. I have found that I can quick unzip and cock the weapon as I raise the weapon about as fast as I can with it already cocked in condition 1. Some time when your bored, search youtube for accidental discharges. Some of the footage is down right sobering, particularly the cop that shot himself in the foot and the female officer that came within inches of putting a 9mikemike round into the head of a cuffed BG. Semi-autos particularly lend themselves to AD’s.

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