October 26, 2007


Posted in From My Gord at 2:58 am by Rid

It’s funny how you notice things only when it is relevant to you. Take that beautiful new lime green VW Bug you thought was the only one in town. Now that you own one, seems there is one on every block.

This is the same phenomena that I am noticing with merchants and their “NO GUNS ALLOWED” signage. Now I am noticing them almost everywhere. And I have to admit, this is one of those strange events in the de-evolution of humanity that absolutely baffles me. Let’s be real for a moment, Mr. Business owner; who the hell do you really think you are going to keep out of your business? Are you so naïve as to believe your little $1 sign is going to scare a real criminal from entering your business?

What you have done is prevented law bidding citizens, such as myself from your business. For me to be qualified to carry a concealed weapon, I have been entered into every law enforcement data base in the country – complete with prints and mug shots. I had to be squeaky in order for me to have the privilege of expressing my second amendment rights. These were rights granted by the founders, that permit me to carry a weapon. So the one person you probably wanted in your business, you have just told to kiss off as I am now telling you to kiss off.

So yes, I will respect your wishes and no, the criminals will not. You have provided and open invitation to them and possibly endangered you and your customers. I would suggest changing your sign to read, “Criminals with Guns Permitted, Properly Licensed Customers Are Not!”

On October 20, 2004, the Marion Star reported that Marion police and the FBI agents from the Mansfield office are investigating an armed robbery at yet another business on OFCC’s Do Not Patronize While Armed database.

According to the article, a white male entered the Marion Community Credit Union Inc., 810 Kenton Ave., Oct. 19 at 1:22 p.m., brandished a semi-automatic handgun and demanded that the three employees inside get down on the floor.


The tellers told Marion City Police investigators the man made one of them stand up and give him money from the drawers. No customers were inside at the time of the robbery. An undetermined amount of money was given to the robber, who is still at large.

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