November 1, 2007

Castle Doctrine signed into law – Missouri

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While this story is 3 months old, it is still worth posting:

July 3, 2007

Blunt Signs Legislation Protecting Missourians Right to Defend Their Families from Attack

CAPE GIRARDEAU– Gov. Matt Blunt today signed legislation he called for in his January State of the State Address clearly reinforcing Missourians’ legal right to use force while defending themselves and their loved ones from attack.

“Americans maintain a deep reverence for their Second Amendment rights. This legislation is an extension of those rights. It ensures law-abiding Missourians will not be punished when they use force to defend themselves and their loved ones from attacks in their own home or vehicle,” Gov. Blunt said. “I commend the General Assembly for supporting and passing this important law for Missouri families.”

The legislation commonly referred to as the “Castle Doctrine” removes the requirement from law that victims must attempt to flee if attacked in their home before they are legally justified to forcefully defend themselves against their attacker. The bill also prohibits criminal charges or civil suits against Missourians who use justifiable force to defend themselves.

“As a husband, father, and Missouri Senator I am thrilled to bring Missouri law in line with the expectations of most Missourians. Finally, law-abiding Missourians can rest assured of their right to defend themselves and their families against unlawful intruders without being legally required to run away or wait for an intruder to physically attack,” Sen. Jack Goodman said.

In addition, Senate Bill 62, sponsored by Sen. Jack Goodman, removes the requirement for Missourians to obtain a permit from their county sheriff in order to purchase a concealable firearm. Permits and background checks are federal requirements for the purchase of a concealable firearm. Duplicating this process at the county level is an unnecessary redundancy and an ineffective hassle for those law abiding Missouri citizens who are in the process of purchasing a firearm. The legislation also calls for records from court actions requiring people to undergo mental health treatment, either outpatient or in a facility, to be sent to the background check system when applying for concealed weapon permits.

“On behalf of Missouri NRA members and residents, I want to thank Governor Blunt for signing the ‘Castle Doctrine’ bill into law,” said Chris Cox, executive director for NRA Institute for Legislative Action. “Missourians are fortunate to have a Governor and state legislators who respect the right to self defense.”

Earlier this year the governor signed legislation ensuring that Missourians can keep their firearms during times of emergency.

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