November 1, 2007

From a feminist blog.

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From My Gord:

The following is from a feminist website, out of Austin, Texas. The site is a collection of feminist musings and is called, “I Blame The Patriarchy.” The conversation below is a discussion on her blog, as the femi-blogger reflects on what a woman should do as a rape victim. To give you a feel of the tone and rhetoric, here is a snippet: “homophobic Republican hayseeds.” I think you get the picture.

Of course, being a good little feminist, she could not bring herself to suggest that if the woman had been “carrying,” the perp would probably be pushing up daisies. Now the woman lives in constant fear, has changed states and is dependent on leo for saving her bacon. My, suggest, a CCW certification and a Walther PPK. That’s how you empower women – Madam feminist.

********************************************End Gord Thoughts******
Begin Blog:

“I recently received a long, melancholy email from “spinster niece” X who, five years after her rapist went free, is still being punished for it. After moving to a new state, X has discovered that her rapist has relocated there as well. He hasn’t contacted her, so she doesn’t know if he is aware of her whereabouts or not. But she is gripped with fear and loathing all the same. Her email, a sort of stream-of-consciousness blurt excerpted unedited from her personal notes, reveals that she has spent no small amount of time thinking about the rapist and the untenable situation he has put her in. In this email, X profiles her rapist exhaustively. She wonders whether his relocation is a coincidence. She describes the physical attributes of his other victims. She ponders whether he currently possesses sufficient “type-dependent psychological motivation” to seek her out. She muses about sending a friend to spy on him, about involving the FBI, about setting up a sting, about a concealed-carry permit. Reasonably and understandably, she wants to do something that will prevent his raping her or somebody else again, but she doesn’t know what, short of buying a gun, this might entail. “I can’t,” she says, “let this go.” So she appealed to me for “logistical/tactical/strategic advising.”

Naturally I failed her. I’m just a cheap blowhard blogger, I told her, not to be confused with someone who actually knows stuff. I can do bromides, but practical advice? The business of day-to-day living with the long-term repercussions of rape without shooting somebody is way out of my league. So I’m doing what I always do when I don’t know what I’m doing: I’m passing the question on to the Blametariat. Help a sister out, girls. What do you do when your rapist goes free?”

FROM MY GORD: “Help a sister out?” One word – Glock. That’s “how you help a SISTA out!” Funny how the feminist movement pretend to empower women.

Self preservation is the most sacred of all rights.

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