November 12, 2007

• Rudy Giuliani and the 2nd Amendment

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September 2007

“Even your right to bear arms is all based on a reasonable degree of safety,” he said to tepid applause at NRA convention – a group he once likened to extremists.

To Charlie Rose in 1995.

“The N.R.A., for some reason, I think goes way overboard,” Mr. Giuliani said then. “It’s almost what the extremists on the other side do.”

Sept. 11 attacks, which he said, “puts a whole different emphasis on what America has to do to protect itself.”

When asked by an NRA audience member if he still supported some of the specific actions he took to limit gun ownership and hold gun manufacturers liable for making a weapon used in a crime. In response, Giuliani again sought to put it into the context of his job as mayor.“At the time, what I was doing during the time that I was mayor was taking advantage of every law and every interpretation of every law that I could think of to reduce crime,” he said.

Senator John McCain, “There cannot be one standard for gun control when running a major city and another for the nation as a whole. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it is about freedom.”

As each day passes, it looks as if Giuliani is becoming the presumptive nominee for Republicans. Personally, I am concerned about his “evolving” position on the second amendment. Has he had an epiphany or merely saying what supporters of the second amendment want to hear?

Strategically, it may matter less, though, than if Clinton II is elected. I think there is very little doubt what will happen if she is elected. Giuliani is on the record as stating he we appoint strict constructionist to the SCOTUS. This is critical as Federal Courts continually over-step their judicial boundaries.

Would I rather a Duncan Hunter get the nod? Absolutely. But….C2 must be defeated which is a higher priority than having a RINO win the election. Regardless, all supporters of the 2nd Amendment must continue to nail Giuliani down, at every turn.

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