December 2, 2007

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Here is an outfit out of Texas that provides legal services for legal gun owners. The out fit is called Concealed Carry Legal Services, run by Tom Nixon, and for $10 bucks a month, you get legal representation. This appears to be a prudent insurance policy in the event the unspeakable happens.

Here are some outtakes:

“The average price today to be represented before a grand jury is about $8,000.” “If they no-bill you, you’re still open to civil litigation.”

“The bottom line is, I don’t want them to ever have to use their gun.”

He said after he explains the legal and financial liability for shooting someone, the majority of his students decide not to pack a pistol. CCW Instructor, Smith.
“They realize going through this class all the repercussions, all the implications,” Smith said.

There’s an attorney attached to every bullet you fire,” lawyer Tom Nixon said.

Nixon is a lawyer. He’s also a card-carrying concealed handgun owner and has a company that provides licensed gun owners legal help for $10 a month.

“And if God forbid, you ever have to go to trial, we defend you at trial,” Nixon said.

How much would that cost?

“For murder? Probably between $75,000 and a $100,000 because you’re going to have to hire expert witnesses, and they’re never cheap,” he said.

You can get free advice on his Web site:

Like, “Do not tell the 911 dispatcherany details about the shooting because it’s “being recorded” and will be used “against you.”

And instructor Smith said, “If someone breaks into your house, you don’t go hunting for them … defend yourself if necessary, but hide or run.”

The point: Minimize the chance you’ll have to shoot because pulling the trigger can carry extraordinary costs.

More information from his website:

1. The first thing you need to do is contact 9-1-1.

2. The dispatcher will ask you what you need. You will only ask for the dispatcher to send the police and paramedics (if someone is injured at the location).

3. The dispatcher may ask you what has happened. DO NOT TELL THE DISPATCHER ANYTHING other than that you need the police and the paramedics.


5. Do not argue with the dispatcher. Do not try and explain your situation to the dispatcher. Do not think you are going to convince anyone over the phone that you are justified in your actions.

6. Once the police are enroute to your location, your next call should be to Concealed Carry Legal Services. Let your lawyer do your talking for you. It could save your freedom and your life.

7. If necessary, CCLS will send a legal representative to your scene, who will speak with you and then guide you through one of the most stressful events of your life.

I live in Missouri and would really like to see a similar legal service made available here in my state. Any progressive thinking lawyers listening?

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