December 4, 2007

• Cause Célèbre – Death to the 2nd Amendment

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The most damning attribute of the modern day liberal is an irrational compulsion to destroy the host organ that makes their very existence possible. The most compelling example of this inane desire to destroy the host is their latest cause célèbre, erasure of the second amendment.

Remember, this is the same group that wraps themselves around all the other Bill of Rights as if they had been snatched from the proverbial burning bush. But dare violate specific groups First Amendment rights, and you have a million-man march on the White House lawn.

Why is hallowed status given to nine of the first ten Bill of Rights and yet liberals and [elites] stampede one another over who will get the privilege to pull the switch that relegates the Second Amendment to the dust heap of history?

This nuanced parsing of the Second Amendment has now reached a fevered pitch:

Was the Second Amendment referring to a militia? What is a militia? Is it a collective right – an individual right? Is the phrase made up of independent clauses, a declarative statement? Is one clause an antecedent to the other? Was comma use then the same as a comma use now and does that change the meaning of Second Amendment? ENOUGH ALL FRIGGIN-READY!

You do not have to be a Platonic Guardian of the Constitution to understand some basics about our Constitution, the resulting Bill of Rights, and specifically what the original intent of the Second Amendment was.

There was great gnashing of teeth at about the time the framers of the Constitution were trying to get the document agreed on. The Federalist (as the name implies, believed in a strong central government) and the Anti-Federalist were at loggerheads. The Anti-Federalist demanded certain and very specific rights be agreed to before they would sign off on the fledgling Constitution. The framers were all too familiar with a government’s propensity to run roughshod over its people. These rights manifest themselves in what we now call the Bill of Rights. James Madison authored these rights generally, and he drew mightily on English Law as an authoritative antecedent to our Bill of Rights.

The right of British Subjects to keep and bear arms was a fundamental aspect of English Law, years before the U.S. Constitution was a twinkle in Madison’s eye. And in America, as it was in the United Kingdom, the right to bear arms was specific and unimpeachable – it was the citizens individual right, ground in the fundamental and universal right to protect ones life, property and for communal defense.

Logically, think about the unintended consequences of what will happen if our Second Amendment is ripped from the pages of the U.S. Constitution:

1) You will have no recourse, other than whimpering liking a cowering puppy, if an armed criminal invades your home.
2) Citizen’s reliance on government will increase, as will societies increased tolerance of police powers and abuses.
3) Repressive actions by governments cannot be checked.
4) Selective enforcement against dissidents will become commonplace.

Don’t believe me, believe history. Investigate for yourself how historic despots such as: Hitler, Pol Pot, Ceausescu, Stalin and Mao Zedong managed to gain control of their citizens. The first step was always – remove all arms.

And by the way, taking arms from the hands of law bidding citizens does not reduce crime rates in America. Look at the poster child for gun control – Washington D.C. Taking arms away from the good citizens has resulted in murder increasing – NOT decreasing. (So much for the grand social experiment)

One would conclude that this daunting evidence would stop gun-control advocates dead in their tracks. Why it hasn’t is a mystery of epic proportions to me.

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