December 12, 2007

• Edwards – Guns a “Privilege” not a “Right” – vid

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May 30, 2007 You Tube Q&A, John Edwards, Presidential Candidate

The moderator asks John Edwards a series of questions, requiring a one word answer – Right or Privilege?

College Education? Right.

Health Care? Right.

Livable Wage? Right.


American citizenship for someone not born here, but worked here for one year? One year, Privilege. Five years, Right.

Access to the internet? Right.

Well, there you are – A Democrat that certainly has his priorities straight. Every American now has a RIGHT to go to college. Wow, any idea who is going to pay for “everyone” going to college? Ah yes, and how about health care? One can only assume Edwards is alluding to government funded health care. Remind me again where the government gets its revenue?

News Flash – All Americans now have a RIGHT to a livable wage. Really?

Can someone tell me where Mr. Brainiac gets his source document for determining the NEW American Rights?

But here is the real kicker, Brainiac pulls all of these “rights” out of his rear-end and yet scoffs at the one right that is granted to us by the Bill of Rights, in the form of the Second Amendment. Owning a handgun, according to Captain Genius, is now merely a “privilege” dolled out at the whim of people like Edwards, in power. Unbelievable that anyone could give this charlatan a seconds worth of consideration.


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