December 13, 2007

• Darwin Award 6

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From “Concealed:” Darwin Award #6 goes out to the breathless libs at the Denver Post. The problem is not the guns, even though guns are easily demonized and are convenient targets. If you think gun bans work, do some homework – check out how well such mans are working in Washington D.C., the UK or Australia. Try addressing the real societal issues this country is being faced with. That would require an honest assessment of where secularism and multiculturalism has taken us. No, it is much easier for liberals to blame guns and duck the real issues. – “Concealed”


How many more will die before we learn?

By Gail Schoettler, Denver Post

Colorado is certainly gaining a worldwide reputation these days. But it’s not for our magnificent mountains or fantastic skiing. It’s for our horrific murders, first in schools and now in churches. What a reputation!Columbine shook us to the core. Wherever I travel, when I say I’m from Colorado, that’s the first thing people ask about. Then we had Platte Canyon. And now the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada and the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Children mowed down by severely depressed classmates and demented adults. Where will this stop?

Of course, we’re not the only ones. We’ve seen mass murders across the country. We’ve seen so many mass murders that we’re almost numb. Just one more shooting to note. Unless you’re the parents of the children shot to death in Colorado Springs or Arvada or Columbine or Platte Canyon. Or all the other places where people have died at the hands of a deranged killer.

We are so focused on the threat of international terrorism, real as that is, that we seem to be unable to deal with the frightening fringe right here at home. Why can a crazed kid or enraged adult get his hands on a gun? Why are assault weapons so widely available that they make it easy to murder kids in a classroom or church parking lot?

We have all kinds of laws to keep people we think are threats out of our country. Why don’t we have laws that keep automatic weapons out of the hands of those who threaten us in our daily lives?

I am tired of spineless legislators who are so afraid of the gun lobby that they won’t vote to ban assault weapons. I am tired of hearing that “guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” when it’s people who use guns to murder others. I’m sure the founding fathers, who gave us the Second Amendment, could not have imagined grenade launchers and shoulder-held rocket launchers. Are those now also protected by the Second Amendment?

I am tired of having 3 million Americans who refuse to consider any compromise on the possession and use of guns ruling over the majority of Americans who want to bring some sense to the availability of guns. These citizens want to keep guns out of the hands of people with a history of mental illness or spousal abuse or felony convictions.

It’s not the Second Amendment that’s the problem, it’s those who adamantly refuse to agree to any limits on gun use at all.

So, what can a concerned citizen do? Here in Colorado, a teenager, Ben Gelt, got an initiative on the ballot to close a loophole in the background check law. The Internet provides a superb vehicle for organizing like-minded citizens to petition our lawmakers, both here in Colorado and in Washington, to do the right thing when it comes to gun legislation. Through the Web, we can organize protests, phone calls, and e-mail campaigns to make sure our elected representatives know where the majority of us stand.

We can make sure those who have died in these brutal mass killings are not forgotten, that their deaths give us the voice and the courage to stand up for reasonable laws that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The best memorial for them would not be a monument, but instead laws that limit the kinds of weapons available and access to those weapons.

Limiting the use of guns does not deny one the right to own and shoot weapons. The right to bear arms is important in our culture. But it should not be an unlimited right. How many more children and young people will die before we figure this out?


What the Post readers are saying:

Please state Washington, DC crime stats in your next opinion
PostPosted: 6:57 am, Thu Dec 13 0 Reply with quote
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It’s not the guns, Gail. Sorry you’re tired of hearing “guns don’t kill people; people kill people”, but it’s true. And nobody had a automatic weapon. You should learn what it is you are trying to ban, maybe? I tired too; I am tired of those like you who imagine that, gee, if we could just pass more laws, all would be well. All the while, the same people who would keep guns from law abiding citizens, cry that the death penalty is cruel. I’m a concerned citizen too, Gail, and your solution would solve nothing. Criminals still get guns, disturbed people do disturbed things. You are suggesting that the type of weapon this guy had made a difference? Why? From every report I have read, the police have not reported what weapon this guy used to shoot anyone. All that has been reported is the guns he bought, and the AK-47 they found in the car. And he had a pistol when he was killed in the church. So your ban on “assault” weapons would have saved, who? Please, do us all a favor, and quote Washington D.C. crime statistics in your next piece that calls for a ban on citizens owning weapons. Washington D.C. has what amounts to a near ban on citizens owning guns. It would stand to reason, would it not, that crime would drop as a result? Since by virtue of the law, you are keeping the guns out of the hands of the “criminals”? Please, Gail, show us the Washington D.C. crime stats. How about this, Gail: I think we need to keep bathtubs out of the hands of disturbed mothers, since they are always drowning their children in them. Bathtubs kill, Gail.

Gail, –

quoting the Grinch… Wrongo!

More important is the treament of mental illness. People kill people. The common thread of all the killings you mention is mental illness and untreated mental illness.

I was the witness to murder where a mother killed her own daughter and tried to kill herself. Her weapons of choice to kill her daughter was her own hands. I detained her at the scene of the crime until authorities arrived. She was mental. She tried to stick a pencil in her ear, gougue our he eye with a camping pocket knife and slit her own throat with a beer bottle.

so following your logic, we need legislation to ban:

pocket knives, pencils and beer bottles.

If you want to legislale this issue, legislate the root cause, treatment of mental health.

Gail you are a typical democrat, pass as many nanny laws as possible and never address the real issue.

You are a twit

Gail, how did you ever get elected? you must be one smooth talker but, you can’t write a persuasive argument.
Please show me where a gun killed anyone?
Has even been proven that an automatic weapon was used? Those are already illegal to own and sell. What are you going to do, pass another law?
Don’t call me spineless you twit.
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What kills?
PostPosted: 7:27 am, Thu Dec 13 -1 points (1 total votes) Reply with quote
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Hey, everyone, here’s what kills. Please read this.
Blackwater Invades Illinois

Jeanne Assam demonstrates why you are so wrong!
PostPosted: 8:13 am, Thu Dec 13 0 Reply with quote
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Jeanne Assam (a hero you refuse to acknowledge) demonstrated how the occasional deranged individual can be stopped by a citizen who exercises their absolute human right to self-defense. A right confirmed by our Constitution, whose need was demonstrated throughout the 20th century by government dictators killing millions of their own citizens. True death tolls are rung up by governments who eliminate millions because it is better for the “environment”, or because of their religion, or simply because they have been “judged” because of their skin color! Pass all of the laws you want as they are clearly in violation of the ultimate law of the land, and millions of us will simply ignore them in recognition of the Constitution and people like you who make genocide possible. We refuse to simply disappear at the whim of “superior” beings such as yourself who feel we inferiors must be cared for, or eliminated, depending on the current social trend!
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Too many nutbags from the east and west coast moving here.
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of course, plenty of predictable pro-gun pseudo logic, but what about the question that’s being asked here? how many people need to die before we do something? oh, but it’s always something else isn’t it? it’s “society” or tv or that oppressive nanny state that’s causing all these people to die, but god knows it has nothing to do with guns. lots of mass murders are committed with pocket knives and station wagons, and the right has been running this country for 7+ years, eliminating as many gun control laws as possible and freeing the gun industry from any legal responsibility, but it’s always somebody else’s fault. so, how many more sacrifices are necessary? another columbine?
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I dont think so..
PostPosted: 9:06 am, Thu Dec 13 0 (2 total votes) Reply with quote
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Let me get this straight, You want to take away MY gun rights because some nut-case decides to shoot up a mall? Naaa no thanks. You can ban them all you want but you will never get mine.

Sorry.. I put MY PERSONAL security before some leftist anti gun liberals “feel good” measures.

I supposed it would have been better if Jeanne Assam had no guns that day huh? Yeah would have made it much easier for that nut to get INTO the church and hurt more people.

Its just a simple fact, its a dangerous world FILLED with crazies who will get guns no matter how you try and ban them (Just look at the success the war on drugs has been) and no one.. NO ONE will tell me how I can choose to keep myself safe.

So Gonz, in your logic, gun manufactures should be held responsible? If that’s your statement, then why don’t we go another step and hold automobile companies responsible for drunk drivers killing people? If Dan the Drunk drives a Ford into an oncoming car, can you say that FORD is responsible for building a vehicle, or is it Dan’s fault for making a poor choice? BINGO…you’re a winner!

As it’s been stated in previous posts, continuing to pass laws on firearms will do nothing. Responsible citizens have a RIGHT to own firearms, hunters pump MILLIONS of dollars into the Colorado economy every year, and Assam wouldn’t have been able to return fire in that church. From what I read, there were a multitude of red-flags that this kid waved. There’s no person/company/parent to blame in this. You blame the kook, and move on with life. Get over the “we need more laws”,c it doesn’t work
“Why don’t we have laws that keep automatic weapons out of the hands of those who threaten us in our daily lives?”

Gail, we do have a law banning automatic weapons, it was established in the 1930’s. Your hyperbole only sounds reasonable to the those already hysterical.

Sorry Gail, but the death toll from current nutjobs and their rampages, is puny compared to what a tyrannical government is capable of.

Citizens need arms now more than ever, our Declaration of Independence compels us to overthrow our government when it becomes oppressive, peashooters and popguns used for hunting, are no match to SWAT teams and UN “peacekeeping” forces.

Maybe if you and your colleagues actually did your JOB, and defended our constitution, from all enemies, especially domestic, we would not be so near a police state, under martial law. Our gr8 decider is but one declaration of a national emergency from his total dictatorship.

A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.
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When will we learn?
PostPosted: 9:35 am, Thu Dec 13 0 Reply with quote
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Columbine was in 1999, exactly midway through the so-called assault weapons ban. What exactly are we supposed to learn? That gun bans don’t work and leave weapons in the hands of criminals? If we haven’t learned that yet, we never will.

Guns and People
PostPosted: 9:57 am, Thu Dec 13 0 Reply with quote
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Ah, we have seen the enemy and it is us. As a culture, we are a violent and often murderous people. We like bloody movies, cheer athletes who beat on each other, initially supported the invasion of Iraq by 70%, have a President who loves to rattle sabres, and a gun lobby who stands by the unlimited right to bear and use arms midst the slaughter of Christian worshipers. As as nation, our founding stories are about warriors, our national anthem is battle based, and our conquest of much of North America was accomplished with the violence of genocide. Even Christians in our churches pray to God for the success of our acts of violence. And then we wonder why our youth and especially our unstable and most vulnerable youth are violent? We are a murderous people by intent, ballot box, and weapon of choice. Do we want to be a better people? Can we find a better way? Can we be humane and civil, good neighbors right here in the homeland of the free and the brave?

For what it’s worth, it is currently illegal for those with a history of mental illness, those convicted of domestic violence, and those with felony convictions to own or possess firearms. The right to bear arms is far from unrestricted. Oddly enough, the mentally ill, abusers, and felons don’t obey the law.

Does Ms. Schoettler have some magic law in mind that the mentally ill, abusers, and felons would actually obey? Or some magic law enforcement technique that would track these people down when they purchase a weapon on the black market? Or perhaps a magic wand that would suddenly make all the guns disappear so there would be no black market?

The question is asked “How many people need to die before we do something?” Okay, we’ve been passing ever more restrictive gun laws since 1934 (that’s when automatic weapons were outlawed). Yet we see more and more crime and more violence with guns. Nor should it come as a surprise that many of the mass murders have been committed in “gun free zones”.

Perhaps it is time for a common sense gun law: One that removes the restrictions from the right of the peaceful citizens like Ms. Assam to possess the weapons of their choice. That’s the only proven method of stopping these mass killings, so indeed, let’s do something!

Gail Has No Faith In Democracy – Blames the “Gun-Lobby
PostPosted: 10:10 am, Thu Dec 13 0 Reply with quote
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Gail demonstrates no-confidence in democracy. It’s disheartening to see that instead of believing that people prefer more freedom to less, you’d rather believe that the gun-lobby bogeyman has conned and bullied the majority of this country and Congress.

This is what makes her the “intellectual elite”. She knows better than us. Ya’ see, folks, weez jus’ a bunch-a dum ridnicks.

Gail’s right and you know it. Semiautomatic weapons do not b

Children and young adults in other countries do not commit mass murders on the scale as in the US. Those that do use hand guns, knives and hand made bombs. What they don’t have is rapid fire assult rifles. Yes, the ones used here are not trully automatic. So what? Gee, you have to pull the trigger again and again. The distinction in firepower between automatic and semiautomatic in a parking lot, mall, high school cafeteria, or dorm escapes me. It’s not important. Semi-automatic assult rifles are engineered to be killing weapons. The prey are humans. I don’t think they are useful in big game hunting. There is an incredible difference between a semi auto 12 guage for bird hunting or semi for deer hunting and the horrible weapons used in these rampages.

Many approaches, of course, including better mental health support, must be started or continued now to prevent future tragedies. That doesn’t preclude the one avenue that works everywhere outside the US. Cut off the firepower on the street.

Only a fool would think that this means disarming the police or trained security guards. They still need to have weapons.

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