January 9, 2008

• Predators, Woman and Defense

Posted in From My Gord tagged at 10:56 pm by Rid

Meredith Emerson went missing New Year’s Day while hiking with her dog. Meredith Emerson was an accomplished martial artist. The perp was a 60 something male, of average build that committed atrocities of a Hannibal Lecteresque nature against this young woman. Concealed wishes this outcome could have been different. We wish she would have had a Springfield 1911, .45 caliber, tucked into her belt. We wished she would have sent this SOB back to what ever devil owns his worthless soul.

I took martial arts (Aikido and Krav Maga) for almost a decade. I have seen many women (and men) develop and unwarranted sense of confidence as a result of these classes. I think most martial arts dojo’s are belt factories that will give a black belt to a monkey for the right amount of jack. I think martial arts is great maintaining your yen and yang, and learning to have dominance over your  ki, or just to stay in great shape.

While it may not be very PC of me, the very best female martial artist, will have difficulty fending off an attack from a determine punk like the guy that murdered Ms. Emerson. They will not be impressed with your katta or your reverse side kick.

They will be impressed by cold steel and a .45 caliber pointed at their ear attachment device. A determined 105 pound woman with a .45 is EQUAL to a 350 pound determined man with a knife or gun. Unfortunately, too many woman depend on law enforcement, bug spray, bug zappers, luck or fancy Karate kicks to protect them from predators such as Gary Michael Hilton. Equally as unfortunate are states and districts that have no problem abrogating our Second Amendment rights and preventing us from the most basic of human rights – self preservation and defense.

God bless your soul, Ms. Emerson. I really wished we could have talked. I think I could have gotten you to trade your black belt for a Kahr 40 caliber.

To the punk that killed you: May you rot in what ever hell you end up in.

Ladies, it’s your choice: This…..

Crotch Kicker

or, THIS..

Gun toting woman


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