January 10, 2008

• Hammond, IN. 911 Call – Graphic

Posted in Audio, From The Blog-O-Sphere at 3:42 pm by Rid

The following is a 911 tape that was released my the Hammond, Indiana Police Department. The recording is telling. The recording graphically illustrates every point that I try to make on my blog:

  • You Absolutely can not wait for the police to defend you during a home intrusion.
  • This woman very likely would have died had she not purchased a handgun.
  • Women, learn to Friggin protect yourselves! (Bug sprays and bug zappers most likely will not work. Double-ought buckshot always works.)
  • If this woman would have resided in a no-gun sanctuary city – like New York City or Washington D.C., she would most likely be dead today.
  • Don’t chat-up the 911 dispatcher when someone is knocking down the damn door.


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