January 12, 2008

• Cavuto v. Albright

Posted in From My Gord, From The Blog-O-Sphere, Video at 3:56 am by Rid

“Concealed” focuses primarily on concealed carry issues and Second Amendment issues. Occasionally we will, however, comment on political issues of such egregiousness, that they demand comment. This is why we are posting the following interview.

In the following video link to Fox News, Neil Cavuto, of Fox News, takes Madeline Albright, of the Clinton Administration, to task for her “out-of-school” comments on the Bush Administration. To some extent, her attacks on Bush have been used to sell her left-leaning, highly political books. There is a long history of previous administrations not criticizing sitting Presidents – particularly on an international forum, PARTICULARLY during a time of war. It is poor form, tasteless, and shows a complete lack of respect for the office.

Cavuto v. Albright Link


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