January 14, 2008

Kahr PM4043N – As a Concealed Carry Pistol

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Kahr Arms – (PM 4043A Pictured Above) The Kahr PM40 is the culmination of my search for a concealed carry weapon. I started with a Walther PPK, HK .40, then a Springfield XD-40, followed by the Kahr. In a word, “I like it – a lot.”

My search was kinda like Goldielocks and the Three Bears. The Kahr is just right for me. The Walther, while an awesome pistol, is still a .380 acp – always was and always will be. I don’t like the caliber and am sold on the .40 caliber.

Each pistol has aspects that I really like. I wished the Springfield was a little smaller, weighed just a little less and wasn’t quite so top heavy. Its hicap mags are the cats meow and give me the best sense of security. I just could never get comfortable wearing the darn thing in my Uncle Mikes “Inside the Pocket” holster (which I use with the Kahr, as well). Just a little too big and bulky. I find the XD to be very accurate for a small weapon and all my range friends love it, though.

The Kahr PM40 is a trade-off that has it pretty close to right. I carry it on my hip, inside the belt and fits snuggly in the small holster I mentioned above. The weapon comes with 2 magazines: one with 5 rounds and one with 6 rounds and a pinkie platform. I prefer the small magazine and keep one additional chambered. I am not a big fan of “cocked-and-locked” (much to the dismay of many of my readers), but have an increased confidence level with the snug fitting Uncle Mikes’ holster that acts as a trigger safety. This holster is designed to be carried in the pocket, but I find it is perfect for inside the pant, on the hip, carriage.

It is about 17 ounces (minus ammunition) and is defined as a DAO or double action only, trigger mechanism.

To me it makes no sense to purchase the pistol without night sights. (Kahr mounts Tritium Night Sights, out of the box.) Why purchase a self-defense weapon that you can’t aim at night?

How does it shoot, you ask? Well, not bad. It is small, as you can see in the photograph. Your pinkie will need to be trained, but it is an obvious trade-off for a ccw weapon. I consistently grouped potentially lethal groupings at 15 yards and am satisfied with its accuracy.

I have fired about 400 rounds down range (break-in period is about 200) and have had no malfunctions. I am not crazy about how encumbered the actual slide release is. I like pushing a realease button and having the slide gracefully extract itself. The Kahr takes an extra tug. But since I don’t carry a second magazine with me, it is not too much of an issue. I will also say that the pistol recoils and rises significantly, making a second shot less than timely. This can me managed with practice, but probably makes the weapon less than idea for small framed people. Also, this is not a range gun. I shoot about 100 rounds at a firing and find it is a workout. The price with Tritium Nights Sights is almost $900. I do highly recommend this pistol as a concealed weapon. If you have any questions, email me at: usmc130@gmail.com.

UPDATE: Since I have owned this pistol, it has had a history of FTF and FTE. The problems has gotten progressively worse, approaching the 1,000 rounds fired, mark. I finally sent the pistol into Khar ($44 UPS). AMAZINGLY! The techs at Khar repaired and returned my pistol on Wednesday of THE FOLLOWING WEEK! I am very impressed. “Action Taken: Replaced barrel, mag catch, polished slide stop and extractor.” Now that is what I call service. I will be taking to the range, for a text fire, shortly. I will report here, and hope quality of work, matched promptness of work. 6/11/08

6/21/08 Have now sent about 150 rounds down rage and not a problem. I am very impressed with Kahr’s customer service and standing by their product. ( The airlines, the industry I work in, could learn a lesson or two from Kahr.)



  1. dillimax690 said,

    I have Kahr PM9 myself and I have to agree that Kahr’s customer service is EXCELLENT. I haven’t had any problems with my PM9 although after I had purchased it I sent it back a month later because I noticed rust on the stainless slide. Looking back though I wish I had purchased the MK9 (100% stainless). As for being the ultimate CC gun, the only other that I can think of that comes close is the Rohrbaugh R9 but with it’s $950 price, I think I’ll stick with Kahr.

  2. Raoul Duke said,

    I have a PM40. About 200 rouds so far. Excellent for carry and remarkably accurate for its size. 0 problems.

  3. WStrong said,

    The PM40 with the laser sight is on my “must have” list. Right now I’m pack’n a 4″ Kimber 1911 and its a really good gun but for summer wear I’d like something easier to conceal.

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