January 23, 2008

• Washington D.C. Gunaphobics

Posted in From My Gord, Legal at 5:08 am by Rid

Comparisons by “Concealed” 1-22-08:

Washington, D.C. has the most restrictive gun prohibition in American. Their social experiment – criminalizing practitioners of the Second Amendment – since 1976, has proven that draconian anti-gun laws only ensure that bad guys have guns. Texas, by comparison, has one of the most liberal gun rights law in America. Citizens of Washington D.C. are twice as likely to be a victim of violent crime as is a Texan. Disgustingly, out of every 100,000 citizens of D.C., 1370 were victims of violent crime in 2004. Let’s break than down: This means that 1% of its citizenry was a victim of crime in the aforementioned time frame. Conversely, “Gun Happy” Texas had 540 victims of crime out of each 100,000 residents. These are “violent” crime statistics.


In order to really deal with the devilish details, one has to look at murder statistics. Gunaphobic D.C. crosses at the head of the finish line with 36 of every 100,000 citizens dying of murder. Those gun-toten Texans have about 6 in 100,000 perish from murder. In round figures, you and your family, visiting the cradle of justice, stands 6 times greater chance of being murdered than visiting Texas. It’s your choice, America – Gunless D.C. (unless you are a b.g.) or Gun toten Texas. Personally, I think I will stick with Texas. (Data derived from 2004 FBI Crime Statistics.)

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